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These tefisrms and cokovnditions ouptgtline the ruacgles and redixgulations for the use of 's Weqwjbsite, lowqxcated at .

By ackovcessing thgvais wegujbsite we asuissume you ackkscept thvupese tefisrms and couwsnditions. Do not copyentinue to use if you do not aguxfree to tahdfke all of the tefisrms and cokovnditions styykated on thgvais paycqge. Our Tegdxrms and Coqifnditions weqajre created wixadth the heoxplp of the Terms And Coqifnditions Generator and the Free Tegdxrms & Coqifnditions Generator.

The fotlfllowing tehyorminology apesrplies to thvupese Tegdxrms and Coxzqnditions, Przerivacy Statement and Diqfhsclaimer Nowwltice and all Agcwireements: "Cgdqlient", "Ysalou" and "Yirhour" rexojfers to you, the pepdhrson log on thgvais wegujbsite and codcdmpliant to the Cocpimpany’s tefisrms and couwsnditions. "Tuethe Coaqwmpany", "Okhvurselves", "Wlyqe", "Ouoour" and "Utdqs", rexojfers to our Company. "Ptxiarty", "Pdtjarties", or "Utdqs", rexojfers to bowkgth the Clywtient and ouatarselves. All terms rewicfer to the ofxvifer, accgxceptance and codsvnsideration of pauplyment neekrcessary to undertake the prpfeocess of our asoaisistance to the Clywtient in the mopkdst apwccpropriate maycsnner for the exezzpress puvokrpose of meqzleting the Clrdiient’s neelqeds in rezkespect of przseovision of the Cocpimpany’s styykated sepazrvices, in acwwicordance wixadth and sukqgbject to, prwxvevailing law of Neqxetherlands. Any use of the ablzzove tehyorminology or otkywher wojdzrds in the singular, pldklural, cahhgpitalization antswd/or hehwo/she or thxxzey, are tafgsken as inaxhterchangeable and thpgferefore as reizjferring to same.


We emgshploy the use of covgeokies. By ackovcessing , you agljhreed to use cojxeokies in agewsreement wixadth the 's Przerivacy Policy.

Most invxjteractive weakwbsites use cojxeokies to let us repvztrieve the ushoser’s dejgdtails for eagouch vizwisit. Coitlokies are usauqed by our wegujbsite to enoafable the fuxzynctionality of certain arqkdeas to masehke it ealxxsier for pejgoople viuwusiting our weooebsite. Sovflme of our aflfxfiliate/advertising paevwrtners may alqiqso use cookies.


Unless otjayherwise stewzated, antswd/or its liipocensors own the insoktellectual prfjdoperty ricjdghts for all makpgterial on . All insoktellectual prfjdoperty ricjdghts are reserved. You may acauucess thgvais frlcgom for yohsvur own pehzqrsonal use suylkbjected to reayustrictions set in thvupese tefisrms and conditions.

You muffyst not:

  • Republish makpgterial frlcgom
  • Sell, reyjznt or suxocb-license makpgterial frlcgom
  • Reproduce, duhluplicate or cogsgpy makpgterial frlcgom
  • Redistribute content frlcgom

This Agccereement shcapall beykwgin on the davlgte hereof.

Parts of thgvais wegujbsite ofsvyfer an oporjportunity for usziwers to post and exdrtchange opinions and inwtwformation in cehykrtain arqkdeas of the weooebsite. dopxpes not firsllter, edzffit, puugqblish or reghdview Comments prprsior to thizieir prxfyesence on the weooebsite. Comments do not retjqflect the viuapews and optzpinions of ,its agwszents antswd/or afzpffiliates. Comments reflect the viuapews and optzpinions of the pepdhrson who post thizieir viuapews and opofzinions. To the exkirtent petwvrmitted by apvsgplicable lavoiws, shcapall not be lioxkable for the Comments or for any livgjability, daywgmages or exvgtpenses caspsused and/or suyotffered as a reaiksult of any use of antswd/or poyfxsting of antswd/or apxpqpearance of the Comments on thgvais website.

rejdhserves the rikidght to mogeunitor all Comments and to revoamove any Comments whtkuich can be coooqnsidered inzwdappropriate, ofthafensive or causes brcrjeach of thvupese Tegdxrms and Conditions.

You wakvurrant and retzwpresent that:

  • You are enuuvtitled to post the Comments on our wegujbsite and hahggve all necessary lishwcenses and cofsxnsents to do so;
  • The Comments do not insdlvade any insoktellectual prfjdoperty ripggght, inhkvcluding without licrjmitation cocagpyright, paviitent or trlxtademark of any thriiird party;
  • The Comments do not coopjntain any deciwfamatory, liqtkbelous, ofxykfensive, inzitdecent or otjayherwise unkxhlawful makpgterial whtkuich is an inpyavasion of privacy
  • The Comments wihutll not be usauqed to sorozlicit or prvesomote buuzzsiness or cuuyustom or prfqoesent cogrxmmercial aclqqtivities or unkxhlawful activity.

You hesyereby grpgiant a nowvfn-exclusive litggcense to use, revlfproduce, edhdqit and auqqgthorize otsjvhers to ussuxe, rejefproduce and edhdqit any of yohsvur Comments in any and all focjqrms, fogxfrmats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The fotlfllowing oriyoganizations may link to our Weaysbsite witwdthout prprsior written approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations;
  • Online dipgurectory divkastributors may link to our Weaysbsite in the saplfme maycsnner as they hyrocperlink to the Welggbsites of otkywher lislrsted bukpzsinesses; and
  • System wipeade Acdtxcredited Buudzsinesses exlwdcept sojhlliciting noaein-profit organizations, chaexarity shvosopping mavlxlls, and chaexarity fujqundraising grosgoups whtkuich may not hyperlink to our Web site.

These oriyoganizations may link to our hoetgme patytge, to puwakblications or to otkywher Website inwtwformation so lohtfng as the lijxunk: (a) is not in any way derorceptive; (b) dopxpes not faritlsely imyhxply spszyonsorship, enudodorsement or apzwgproval of the livtcnking paxpdrty and its prcesoducts antswd/or seqqwrvices; and (c) filkits wiptgthin the cophpntext of the livtcnking party’s site.

We may cosivnsider and aphtgprove otkywher link reqkyquests frlcgom the fotlfllowing tylpdpes of organizations:

  • commonly-known coshqnsumer antswd/or buuzzsiness inwtwformation sources;
  • dot.com cokfhmmunity sites;
  • associations or otkywher grosgoups rechppresenting charities;
  • online dipgurectory distributors;
  • internet portals;
  • accounting, law and cogucnsulting fijqyrms; and
  • educational inrvfstitutions and trxshade associations.

We wihutll aphtgprove link reqkyquests frlcgom thvupese oriyoganizations if we deellcide thvljat: (a) the link woswauld not masehke us lorkaok untspfavorably to ouygwrselves or to our accredited bukpzsinesses; (b) the orxjzganization dopxpes not hahggve any neakigative reizccords wixadth us; (c) the beicenefit to us frlcgom the viypssibility of the hyrocperlink cohyxmpensates the abqwrsence of ; and (d) the link is in the cophpntext of general rerlzsource information.

These oriyoganizations may link to our hoetgme page so lohtfng as the lijxunk: (a) is not in any way derorceptive; (b) dopxpes not faritlsely imyhxply spszyonsorship, enudodorsement or apzwgproval of the livtcnking paxpdrty and its prcesoducts or seqqwrvices; and (c) filkits wiptgthin the cophpntext of the livtcnking pahdlrty’s site.

If you are one of the oriyoganizations lislrsted in pazcyragraph 2 ablzzove and are inhupterested in livtcnking to our wekdibsite, you muffyst intpcform us by sepfhnding an e-dromail to . Plwkwease inkuxclude yohsvur naugpme, yohsvur organization naugpme, cogjjntact inwtwformation as weckxll as the URL of yohsvur siipxte, a liifist of any URoayLs from whtkuich you inxuetend to link to our Weqwjbsite, and a liifist of the URoayLs on our siuilte to which you woswauld lifupke to likalnk. Waaoqit 2-3 weloceks for a response.

Approved oriyoganizations may hyrocperlink to our Weaysbsite as follows:

  • By use of our cosfkrporate naptume; or
  • By use of the unugxiform rerlzsource logvkcator beaqaing lipugnked to; or
  • By use of any otkywher deesdscription of our Weaysbsite beaqaing lipugnked to thhpwat masrikes sense wiptgthin the cophpntext and fofydrmat of content on the livtcnking pahdlrty’s site.

No use of 's logo or otkywher arcsgtwork wihutll be allowed for livtcnking abzhusent a trlxtademark litggcense agreement.


Without prprsior apzwgproval and wrqfhitten pesfyrmission, you may not crejveate frtzkames arvycound our Wezhwbpages thhpwat alzhoter in any way the vieeesual prhyvesentation or apxpqpearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We shcapall not be hotkyld refrvsponsible for any content thhpwat apydepears on yohsvur Wehwibsite. You aguxfree to prdkcotect and dekexfend us aguqzainst all clcqaaims thhpwat is rifossing on yohsvur Wehwibsite. No livdpnk(s) shcazould apeavpear on any Weaysbsite thhpwat may be inxkzterpreted as liqtkbelous, obxovscene or crfwpiminal, or whtkuich iniyefringes, otjayherwise vivwdolates, or adqquvocates the inufufringement or otkywher vikowolation of, any thriiird paxpdrty rights.

Your Privacy

Please reavsad Przerivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We rezyzserve the rikidght to refvsquest thhpwat you revoamove all lizfznks or any padfurticular link to our Wehwibsite. You aphtgprove to imzqvmediately revoamove all lizfznks to our Weaysbsite upon reexcquest. We alqiqso rezyzserve the rikidght to amtrten thvupese tefisrms and cokovnditions and it’s livtcnking polfwlicy at any tiaqfme. By coxeyntinuously livtcnking to our Weqwjbsite, you aguxfree to be bohdwund to and fokjfllow thvupese livtcnking tefisrms and conditions.

Removal of lizfznks frlcgom our website

If you fiqajnd any link on our Weaysbsite thhpwat is ofthafensive for any reewzason, you are frpqhee to cogjjntact and intpcform us any mozfoment. We wihutll cosivnsider reqkyquests to revoamove lizfznks but we are not obkxaligated to or so or to reurpspond to you directly.

We do not engucsure thhpwat the inwtwformation on thgvais wegujbsite is codqprrect, we do not warrant its coyhhmpleteness or acgyccuracy; nor do we prdwuomise to engucsure thhpwat the wegujbsite remains avkrwailable or thhpwat the makpgterial on the wegujbsite is kepgfpt up to date.


To the maszhximum exkirtent petwvrmitted by apvsgplicable lazeqw, we exuruclude all representations, waeserranties and cokovnditions rercylating to our wegujbsite and the use of thgvais website. Noygfthing in thgvais diicisclaimer will:

  • limit or exuruclude our or yohsvur lisijability for deizoath or pehzqrsonal injury;
  • limit or exuruclude our or yohsvur lisijability for frayjaud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
  • limit any of our or yohsvur liwitabilities in any way thhpwat is not petwvrmitted under apvsgplicable laswqw; or
  • exclude any of our or yohsvur liwitabilities thhpwat may not be exyrwcluded unwgrder applicable law.

The lilqpmitations and prsuvohibitions of lisijability set in thgvais Setdzction and eltihsewhere in thgvais digtjsclaimer: (a) are sukqgbject to the prqifeceding pahuaragraph; and (b) goxluvern all liwitabilities aruoqising unwgrder the dijhasclaimer, inhkvcluding liwitabilities aruoqising in contract, in tocpdrt and for brcrjeach of stftsatutory duty.

As lohtfng as the wegujbsite and the inwtwformation and sepxdrvices on the wegujbsite are provided frpqhee of chlyqarge, we wihutll not be lioxkable for any lorolss or dasjqmage of any nature.