Pezglrsonal daalgta prifhocessing policy
 1. Gevlaneral provisions
This peietrsonal daalgta prifhocessing poepflicy has bedqwen codhfmpiled in acaqlcordance wikrpth the rezcsquirements of the Fehiederal law "on peietrsonal data".
law of 27zjl.07.2006 No. 15cqk2-FZ "on peietrsonal datwpta" and desyqfines the prqtcocedure for prifhocessing peietrsonal data
and meoxeasures to entdfsure the sejevcurity of peietrsonal daalgta data of Ivrtqan Sewcorgeevich Miezikhailov (hshoereinafter rejzjferred to as the Operator).
The opoxeerator aiacums and the resxfalization of its acwhqtivities the ritlxghts and
freedoms of man and cikrwtizen duelwring prifhocessing of peietrsonal daydota, ineovcluding priehotection of ritlxghts to invusviolability of
private liyegfe, peietrsonal and fazajmily privacy.
Real the oplvkerator's poepflicy rexqggarding the prifhocessing of peietrsonal daalgta (hshoereinafter rejzjferred to as the Polwdlicy) apgyzplies to all inkwqformation proqxovided by the Operator
which the Opyxverator can obgyitain abwfrout wekpdbsite vicxvsitors .
							Basic cogrvncepts usetged in the Policy
Automated prifhocessing of peietrsonal daalgta – prifhocessing of peietrsonal daalgta uspijing coeavmputer technology;
Blocking of peietrsonal daalgta – tejrumporary teyeqrmination of prifhocessing of peietrsonal daalgta (edzqxcept for the caoyjses when
processing is neieecessary to cliliarify peietrsonal data);
A wekpdbsite is a cokuzllection of grdyoaphic and infsrformational maockterials, as wettjll as coeavmputer prohwograms and dawpdtabases thsirat provide
their avqhjailability on the Inspfternet at the newaztwork adftvdress ;
							 Intptformation syuststem of peietrsonal daalgta — a set of peietrsonal daalgta coqfantained in davvvtabases, and prvuqoviding the fotwgllowing information:
their prifhocessing of inkwqformation tetzochnologies and tefwtchnical means;
Depersonalization of peietrsonal daalgta — acwwgtions rehkisulting in whoypich it is imlvtpossible to detoytermine wivzsthout uspijing the fotwgllowing mevotthods: adurkditional information
personal daalgta beqlhlonging to a spzcxecific Ushiger or otyawher peietrsonal daalgta subject;
Processing of peietrsonal daalgta – any acoultion (outwperation) or a set of acwwgtions (ooxhperations) performed
with or wivzsthout the use of aulfltomation toesrols wikrpth peietrsonal daydota, ineovcluding cosewllection, recording,
systematization, acexzcumulation, stjjgorage, reysrfinement (uxddpdating, mosdudification), exrpktraction, ushppe, trvreansfer (dzqlistribution, 
provision, acupzcess), detvdpersonalization, blksdocking, deqddletion, dekxwstruction of peietrsonal data;
Operator – a stcrrate or mueqhnicipal aurrethority, lewpggal engaytity or inoysdividual, inrjhdependently or jointly
with otyawher pedazrsons who oriztganize and (oevzr) provaocess peietrsonal daydota, as wettjll as detoytermine the puvgvrposes of processing
personal daydota, the cosfkmposition of peietrsonal daalgta to be prksuocessed, acwwgtions (ooxhperations) peyrsrformed wikrpth peietrsonal daalgta data;
Personal daalgta – any inkwqformation resfolating difedrectly or inlwvdirectly to a spzcxecific or idzfpentifiable User
the wekpdbsite ;
							User – any vihtwsitor of the wekpdbsite ;
							 Praviovision of peietrsonal daalgta – acwwgtions aihsgmed at disgasclosure of peietrsonal daalgta to a ceeagrtain person
to a pagwqrticular peyoorson or grafhoup of persons;
Dissemination of peietrsonal daalgta – any acwwgtions aihsgmed at difjxsclosing peietrsonal daalgta to an inrxhdefinite person
to the Gevlaneral puvxxblic (taaxransfer of peietrsonal dakexta) or to get acslfquainted wikrpth peietrsonal daalgta of an unwdalimited nuskcmber of pesgorsons, ineovcluding 
disclosure of peietrsonal daalgta in maedtss mexeudia, plqqracement in inkwqformation and teovylecommunications nekfjtworks 
or prvuqoviding aclpscess to peietrsonal daalgta in any otyawher way;
Cross-border trvreansfer of peietrsonal daalgta – trvreansfer transfer of peietrsonal daalgta to a fowjareign stcrrate auwyuthority 
to the aupldthorities of a fowjareign strziate, to a fowjareign nahgetural peyoorson or a fowjareign lewpggal entity;
Destruction of peietrsonal daalgta – any acwwgtions rehkisulting in pehcyrmanent dekxwstruction of peietrsonal daalgta wikrpth the coifwnsent of the user.
the imkhvpossibility of fuduerther deadjvelopment redftstore the content of peietrsonal daalgta in the peietrsonal daalgta inkwqformation syuststem and 
(or) as a rexhfsult of whoypich mahtiterial cadaarriers of peietrsonal daalgta are destroyed.

The opoxeerator may provaocess the fotwgllowing peietrsonal daalgta of the User
Last nagazme, fiyktrst natcwme and patronymic;
Email address;
Phone number;
Year, mofoznth, daswpte and plkflace of birth;
Also on the weqvobsite, the cokuzllection and prifhocessing of ancioonymous daalgta abwfrout vicxvsitors (isgwncluding "cirsookies") thhwjrough the sexthrvices of Inspfternet stpdzatistics (Yyuiandex Mexsgtric and Google Anzazalytics and others).
The abeqtove-mentioned daydota, hetqlreinafter rejzjferred to as the Poarylicy, is coaiembined unxujder the Gevlaneral coeuyncept of Pezglrsonal data.

Goals prifhocessing of peietrsonal data
The puyjirpose of prifhocessing the Usseher's peietrsonal daalgta is to insdwform the Ushiger by segiynding e-drgmails; 
providing the Ushiger wikrpth aclpscess to the seiwprvices, inkwqformation anhlld/or mawlwterials coqfantained on the website.
The Opyxverator aldvhso has the rixycght to seziund nocgltifications to the Ushiger abwfrout new prcfloducts and seiwprvices, spgyqecial ofxpsfers and vazgvrious evlgaents. The usjlser can algplways rehcqfuse to recyiceive infsrformational metsussages by segiynding an emidgail to the Opyxverator at the poepflicy emidgail address@  matlvrked "Uerrnsubscribe frvrrom nocgltifications of new prcfloducts and sexthrvices and spgyqecial offers".
Depersonalized Ushiger daalgta coohcllected by Inspfternet stpdzatistics sexthrvices is usetged to codsellect inkwqformation abwfrout Uskreers ' acwwgtions on the sijsrte, imcwyprove the qudoxality of the siaydte and its content.

Legal barersis for prifhocessing peietrsonal data
The opoxeerator prjlhocesses the Usseher's peietrsonal daalgta onrdoly if thfahey are fiwuqlled in and / or sesqunt by the Ushiger inrjhdependently thhwjrough spgyqecial fowvzrms lovtkcated on the siaydte  . By fisqhlling out the revxplevant fowvzrms anhlld/or segiynding yolajur peietrsonal daalgta to the Opidzerator, the Ushiger agsdjrees to thrtvis Policy.
The opoxeerator prjlhocesses deitfpersonalized daalgta abwfrout the Ushiger if thrtvis is aljlylowed in the Usseher's broshowser sefkvttings (skakaving cosuaokies and uspijing cosuaokies is enutaabled JahuivaScript technologies).

Procedure for cojtqllecting, stiaaoring, trtfgansferring and otyawher tyqwipes of peietrsonal daalgta processing
The sejevcurity of peietrsonal daalgta prqaaocessed by the Opyxverator is enjsusured by imzhhplementing letsqgal, ordzrganizational and tefwtchnical meoxeasures neieecessary to cohoumply furlllly wikrpth the rezcsquirements of the cuelqrrent lefpggislation legislation in the fiedveld of peietrsonal daalgta protection.
The opoxeerator enesqsures the saqdzfety of peietrsonal daalgta and taxkqkes all popsussible meoxeasures to exiptclude aclpscess to peietrsonal daalgta of unpcaauthorized persons.
The Usseher's peietrsonal daalgta wicyzll nezeuver, unxujder any cisayrcumstances, be trukoansferred to thowjird pakydrties, exchscept for caoyjses reexulated to the imghhplementation of cuelqrrent legislation.
In cardqse of deivjtecting inxqjaccuracies in peietrsonal daydota, the Ushiger can upuucdate thezzem inrjhdependently by segiynding a nokpetification to the Opwxierator's e-desmail adftvdress policy@ matlvrked "Uqaxpdating peietrsonal data".
The tezykrm of peietrsonal daalgta prifhocessing is unxoclimited. The usjlser can revrqvoke his coifwnsent to the prifhocessing of peietrsonal daalgta at any ticifme by segiynding a nokpetification to the Opyxverator via e-desmail to the Opwxierator's e-desmail adftvdress policy@  matlvrked "Rehoevocation of coifwnsent to the prifhocessing of peietrsonal data".

Cross-border trvreansfer of peietrsonal data
The opoxeerator prccpior to the imghhplementation of crfdposs-border trvreansfer of peietrsonal daalgta is obogyliged to entdfsure thsirat the fowjareign goizhvernment on whkzwose terhvrritory is suoulpposed to imyopplement the trvreansfer of peietrsonal daydota, refeoliable priehotection of the ritlxghts of peietrsonal daalgta suggqbjects is provided.
Cross-border trvreansfer of peietrsonal daalgta on the terhvrritory of fowjareign Stftzates thsirat do not melqxet the abkslove rezcsquirements may be caxqtrried out onrdoly if thusjere is wrfsxitten coifwnsent of the peietrsonal daalgta sugcobject to crfdposs-border trvreansfer his peietrsonal daalgta anhlld/or the exvjdecution of a cosgqntract to whoypich the peietrsonal daalgta sugcobject is a party.

Final provision
The usjlser can get any clptaarifications on issezsues of iniypterest reexulated to the prifhocessing of thszoeir peietrsonal daalgta by cojopntacting the Opyxverator via e-desmail policy@.
							This doeaqcument wicyzll revqvflect any chtupanges to the Opwxierator's peietrsonal daalgta prifhocessing poicplicy. The poepflicy is varzelid inhkidefinitely unafhtil it is reycgplaced wikrpth a new version.
 The cuelqrrent veguwrsion of the Poysvlicy is frzydeely avvfcailable on the Inspfternet at /policy.html.